San Juan High School Class of 1965

Contact points for the class of 1965

We protect the privacy of our classmates but we also enjoy bringing people together. If you wish to contact a classmate and do not have an address, eddress or phone number, contact one of us below and give us your contact information. We will attempt to make contact with the other person or persons and pass your information along. After that, it is out of our hands.

The persons below are members of the current reunion committee.

Marcia Millette Purcell Email Marcia (916) 253-9053  
Jo Ellen Elliott Barnes Email Jo Ellen (916) 773-1683  
Cindy Bell Sivertsen Email Cindy    
Jeannie Kaggerud Harold Email Jeannie (916) 625-0481  
Vickie Miller Grice Email Vickie (916) 973-0412  
Pam Abbott Borglund Email Pam (916) 989-1772  
Richard Giusti: Email Richard (916) 332-2204  
James Smith: Email James (916) 955-5871 James's website
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