San Juan High School Class of 1965

Dedicated to our classmates who have passed on

Please notify us if there are any errors on this page. We have made every effort to ensure this information is correct but make no guarantee to that end. Also, if you are aware of persons from our class year who are deceased and not on this list, we would appreciate you passing along whatever information you may have.

Needless to say, if you find yourself on the list and wish to removed, please let us know soonest!

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Pete Ahern David Allen Claude Andrews
Paul Ballew Carol Bee BerthelGary Bivins
Bob Bobisud Lester Brooks Linda Byer Leach
Michaele Chavez Anita Cook UribeDarla Degan Hays
Melinda Dillard Robert Dran Joanna Dunkeson Silvy
Penny Edwards AustinFred Ehly Allan Eiseman
Linda Ellerbrook Dennis Fine Sandra Foat Sherburn
Warren Gable Steve Gibson Robert Goddard
Gary Harris Danny Hayes Dolphus (Butch) Hill
Richard Howard Richard James Ronnie Johnson
Dewey Jones Mike Kalenik Frank Kasjaka
Bob King ManeleySharlyn Levy Joe Lucito
Janice Lyons Steve Main Laura Mathews
Cynthia McCoy BoyleJack McDonald Duncan McPherson
Cathey Missildine Richard Moffitt Randy Moore
Arthur Morris Larry Morrow Shirley Muller
Paul Pardun Denise Poirier Rod Porter
Linda Radabaugh BaldwinJanet Root Jackeye Roush
Katheryn Rowe FlyrKent Sigler Lonnie Smith
Maxine Smith BoisclairWendy Smith GarrisonMichael Sorenson
Sandra Sousa Judee Sprague CookErnest Sproles
Richard Staff Richard Steuble Susie Tatum
Tony Warbington Betty Ward CampbellJohn Webber
Michael Wendell Mike Williamson Gordon Wolfe
 Beverly Yeoman Samora 

We know of 73 persons who have passed on.
Updated April 18 2018

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